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A Programmable Smartphone Testbed


PhoneLab supports both interactive and background experiments, while allowing researchers to modify the Android platform itself.


PhoneLab participants use their PhoneLab phone as their primary device, allowing strong conclusions to be drawn from PhoneLab data.


PhoneLab provides hundreds of people ready to participate in your experiment.


Tired of recruiting participants for each experiment? Are your experimental applications not as popular on the Play Store as you thought? Not looking forward to building reliable data collection tools?

If so, you've come to the right place. PhoneLab has a diverse group of hundreds of participants ready to provide data for your experiments. We also provide simple and reliable data collection through the logging interfaces you're already using, as well as post-processing tools to speed the time from idea to evaluation.

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In their first year, PhoneLab participants receive a very discounted service from Sprint— including unlimited data, messaging, and mobile-to-mobile voice— along with a free Nexus 5 smartphone. Participants pay a discounted monthly rate as long as they continue participating.

As a participant you must participate in experiments but not in any particular experiment. Each experiment will clearly explain what data it collects and why. You never have to participate in any experiment you are not comfortable with.

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We acknowledge support of UB, Sprint, and the National Science Foundation.