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Android. Experimented.


Want to know more about how Android works? PhoneLab makes it easy to add log messages to the Android platform.

Instrumentation is suitable for studying how the Android system works in the wild—such as user charging patterns, application transition patterns, or file access patterns—by adding logs in the appropriate place in the Android platform. Many useful experiments fall into this category, and the PhoneLab team accepts logging-only patches with minimal review. First, get started with our sources and then learn how to add instrumentation.


Want to change how Android works? PhoneLab makes it possible to deploy useful experimental modifications.

Because modifications may harm the devices used by PhoneLab participants as their primary smartphone, deploying modifications requires more interaction with the PhoneLab team—but we are committed to making this possible. Once you can download and build our PhoneLab sources you're ready to start implementing new features. Experimental modifications may also need to add instrumentation to evaluate their changes.