Sample PhoneLab Dataset

We put up a sample dataset that contains one month (March 2015) of data that were collected from 11 PhoneLab devices. You can download the tarball here. The tags in this sample dataset are listed in the existing tags page.

We hope this sample dataset can give you an idea of what the data looks like and help you determine whether or not you want to proceed to the IRB process to request the full dataset. You will also have a chance to start developing your data analysis scripts immediately in parallel to the IRB process.

Request More

Once you've download and built our PhoneLab Android sources, added your experimental instrumentation or platform modifications , and your changes have been deployed, the final step is to request data generated by your experiment.

We will make a web form available to simply this process. However, here are the things you need to provide in order for us to create an archive for you:

  1. Institutional Review Board (IRB) Letter. You must provide documentation that your request for data and plan to process and publish that data have been reviewed and approved for human subjects safety by your institutions IRB or equivalent body. Your IRB documentation must match the rest of the parameters of your request listed below.
  2. Consent procedure. If your experiment requires affirmative consent from participants PhoneLab will assist you in performing that request to our participants. No data will be provided from participants that fail to complete the required consent process.
  3. Date Range. Including start day and end day, inclusive. Days are the granularity by which we organize our archives so finer divisions (such as hours) are not possible.
  4. Tag List. A list of all tags to return data from.

We are aware that IRB standards and procedures vary considerably between institutions, and it is possible that getting your experiment approved may take some time and effort on your part. However, we cannot assist you with this process nor will any exceptions be made to our IRB approval requirement.

Once you have an archive this documentation will help you understand the archive structure and file format.