How To Get Help

PhoneLab Administrator: Maulik Dave, Research Scientist
Location: Davis Hall 301B
Hours: By appointment (preferred), or between 10AM and 4PM Monday through Friday

One of the benefits of being a PhoneLab participant is access to friendly on-campus technical support. Maulik is available daily to help you with any issues you may face and answer any questions you may have. However, many common questions asked by participants are covered by our frequently-asked questions (FAQ) page, so you may to check there first.

If you do need an appointment, contact Maulik at to arrange a time. You can also stop by the PhoneLab in Davis Hall 301B between 10AM and 4PM daily. If Maulik is not available, another member of the PhoneLab will be happy to try and assist you.

About Us

PhoneLab is an open-access smartphone testbed located at the University at Buffalo. Our goal is to enable the transformative power of mobile smartphone devices by simplifying and accelerating the process of performing smartphone experiments and also collecting data about how people use their smartphones.

PhoneLab is run by Geoffrey Challen and Chunming Qiao and developed by graduate students in the University at Buffalo Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

We are always more than happy to discuss our plans and ongoing research with participants. Feel free to stop by Davis 301B, or email Maulik Dave at for more information.

PhoneLab Team

Geoffrey Challen

Assistant Professor
PhoneLab Director

Maulik Dave

PhoneLab Administrator

Jinghao Shi

PhD Student
Lead PhoneLab Developer

Chunming Qiao


Anudipa Maiti

PhD Student

Anandatirtha Nandugudi

PhD Student

Former Members

Taeyeon Ki

PhD Student

Tong Guan

PhD Student

Murat Demirbas

Associate Professor

Steven Y. Ko

Assistant Professor

Tevfik Kosar

Associate Professor