Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a question, what should I do?
    1. Please see if you can find an answer from this FAQ page first.
    2. If you cannot, please email us at When you email us, we will try to reply within one business day.

  • What questions can you answer?
    1. Although we would like to answer any question you might have, we recognize that we do not have enough resources to keep up with all the questions.
    2. Categories of questions we do handle:
      1. Anything related to an experiment you are participating in currently. Some examples include:
        1. Problems with PhoneLab apps (Conductor, Heartbeat, Installer, etc.).
        2. Problems with any app you installed that we asked you to install.
      2. Problems related to the Sprint service. Some examples include:
        1. Problems with calls/texting/data.
      3. Phone hardware problems. Some examples include:
        1. Speaker not working.
        2. Bricked phone (i.e., phone not booting up).
        3. Touch screen not working.
        4. Phone not charging.
        5. Phone not recognized as a USB device when connected to a PC.
      4. Reporting of broken or lost phones.

  • Can I contact Sprint about my phone?
    1. Yes, You may visit a nearby Sprint store for transferring your old contacts to your new phone or regarding basic questions for the phone. However, Sprint may not help much with questions related to your phone plan and account since your phone belongs to one of the corporate accounts that we manage.
    2. If you have any question related to the PhoneLab phone, please email us at

  • Can I meet someone from PhoneLab for help?
    1. Yes. Please set up an appointment by emailing:
      Our Lab is located at: Room 301B, Davis Hall, North Campus

  • Is international coverage included in the plan?
    1. You have unlimited data and text with this Sprint plan, but it doesn’t include international coverage.
    2. Some participants have asked for adding international calling support and willingness to pay for it, however We have one corporate account and not possible to add international calling to selected accounts.
    3. When traveling out of country, we highly recommend using alternatives e.g. Skype, Pre-paid phones instead of this phone.
    4. We will send you bill that Sprint sends us in case there are roaming charges for your number. But you should avoid this situation as roaming charges are very high.

  • How do I set up my UB Mail?
    1. Following UBIT help page contains detailed information on this topic at: UB Mail on Android

  • How to pay for PhoneLab services?
    1. You need to pay $275 when you pick up your phone. That includes all the expenses for six-month's service.
    2. We accept any major credit/debit cards.

  • Is it possible to port my own number to a PhoneLab phone?
    1. Yes, in most cases, if you provide your current carrier, phone number, account number and pin, we can request our dedicated Sprint Rep to port your number to PhoneLab phone.

  • How do I block certain number?
    1. Text Message "Block 999-9 [10-digit number to block]" e.g. "999-9 Block 1234567890"
    2. You should receive confirmation that it was successful.

  • My phone is lost or stolen?
    1. You should let us know ASAP. We will try to help you with location logs incase that can help you locate the phone.
    2. When you joined the PhoneLab, the phone we hand out to you is essentially yours. This means that it is your responsibility to manage and maintain your phone just as you would with your normal phone. Our service provider, Sprint, has a policy to provide a replacement for a $200 fee. If, for some reason, your phone gets broken, lost, or stolen, you will be responsible for this fee weather or not you get a replacement.